Estrada Nacional N2 – The Portuguese Route 66

Estrada Nacional 2 or N2 was created by the National Road Plan of 1945 with the objective of connecting Chaves to Faro. Much of N2 resulted from the renumbering of existing roads, but some sections were built in the following decades. With a length of 738 km, the N2 was then the longest state road,… Continue reading Estrada Nacional N2 – The Portuguese Route 66


How to write an effective hotel review?

Writing a hotel review has become a worthy habit that most travelers have acquired and is fundamental to help other potential travelers to consciously decide on the choice at the time of booking. On the other hand, the hotels use the information collected in the reviews for a better perception of the opinions of their… Continue reading How to write an effective hotel review?


International Magicians’ Day

Magician and illusionist shows have always enchanted generations all over the world and provoked the fascination and curiosity of even the most incredulous. Because today is the International Magician Day, we remember some of the Greatest Magicians and Illusionists ever. Dante The Magician (1883 – 1955) State Library of Victoria Collections Harry August Jansen (October 3,… Continue reading International Magicians’ Day


Have Lots of Fun in the Carnival!

The Carnival is a festival celebrated on Western Christianity that takes place before Lent. It is celebrated in February or early March and involves parties and other forms of collective expression, where costumes and masks are used allowing the loss of the individual and expression of a high sense of social unity. Carnival Celebration Brazilian… Continue reading Have Lots of Fun in the Carnival!


10 Things to do in Madeira Island, the Portuguese Pearl of the Atlantic

Madeira Island is located in the middle of the Atlantic and is the one of the most beautiful Portuguese destinations. With the springtime temperature all year round the Island offers a wide variety of activities that cater all tourist needs. From natural beauty sightseeing, the gastronomy, the lush gardens and popular cafes & restaurants, Madeira… Continue reading 10 Things to do in Madeira Island, the Portuguese Pearl of the Atlantic


Best Holiday Destination in 12 Months

1. January: Australia Gold Coast Sydney throws possibly the best New Year's Day parties in the world. Head on up the Gold Coast to Byron Bay, the Whitsunday, or the Great Barrier Reef, or indeed anywhere else along the east coast - the good times just keep rolling. January is the best month to visit, after the crowds of December, though the weather… Continue reading Best Holiday Destination in 12 Months


The Glamour of Venice Carnival

The Venice Carnival arises from the tradition of the sixteenth century, where the nobility disguised themselves to go out and mingle with the common people. Since then the masks are the most important element of this carnival. The costumes that are used are characteristic of the eighteenth century, black silk clothing, three-point hat and the… Continue reading The Glamour of Venice Carnival