Winter Long Stay Holidays

Are you tired of the short, cold winter days of Northern Europe? This is the perfect excuse to spend a few weeks holiday in the south, taking advantage of a Mediterranean climate and with the certainty that no matter how cold it will be, it will certainly have many sunny days and a milder temperature… Continue reading Winter Long Stay Holidays


Black Friday

The Black Friday is the informal name given to the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the fourth Thursday of November. Regardless the many different origins histories available, this day represents the beginning of the Christmas Shopping Season and is the busiest shopping day in USA. Very quickly the international markets took advantage… Continue reading Black Friday

Halloween is almost there…

Halloween is a popular celebration amongst children on the night of October 31. This tradition started in the United States and Canada but quickly spread to several other countries, including Europe. Children wear costumes, normally related to ghost, whitches or other scary costumes and go to other people saying "Trick or treat!" to ask for sweets. Children also do face painting… Continue reading Halloween is almost there…

Lourdes: The Holy Place of France!

Lourdes is a small town located in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the Occitanie region, in south-west of France. Prior to the mid-19th century, the town was best known for the Château Fort de Lourdes, a fortified castle that has risen from a rocky escarpment at its center. In 1858 Lourdes rose to prominence in France and abroad due to the Marian apparitions claimed… Continue reading Lourdes: The Holy Place of France!

How to prepare a tastier “Poncha” the most famous Madeira drink!

When you visit Madeira you cannot leave the Island without tasting the most traditional drink – The Poncha. Although there are several versions of this drink nowadays, the traditional Poncha is the most appreciated and can be found a bit everywhere in Madeira. Before leaving Madeira, if you can’t find it at your place, you… Continue reading How to prepare a tastier “Poncha” the most famous Madeira drink!

El Caminito del Rey (The Path of the King)

El Caminito del Rey is a gorgeous passage stuck in the walls of the gorges in Chorro and Gaitanejo, in north of Malaga, Spain, stretching up to 3 km. Its construction was completed in 1905, so that the workers could cross the gorges with the necessary materials for the construction of a hydroelectric plant in the… Continue reading El Caminito del Rey (The Path of the King)