Renewable Energy in Portugal and Scotland

Renewable energy generated 104% of Portugal's electricity consumption in March 2018. Portugal generated more renewable energy than it needed in March, for the first time in at least 40 years. Energy from renewable sources made up 103.6 per cent of mainland electricity consumption last month, according to data from the country’s power grid operator REN,… Continue reading Renewable Energy in Portugal and Scotland


Fashion Trend Summer 2018

While summer is soon approaching, there are upcoming season's trends that are already beginning to emerge. As they say, the sooner the better, so we suggest starting to get familiar with these trends now; we’re betting they’ll be big come the warmer seasons. Rather than opting for your traditional sweet, summer florals, street style trends… Continue reading Fashion Trend Summer 2018

European Yoga Retreats for this holiday

Refresh this summer? Check-in to one of these 5 amazing European yoga retreats!! These 5 European yoga retreats will offer the needed relaxation for mind, body and soul. Yoga retreats are plenty in Europe. There are yoga places with breathtaking views, soul-enriching sunshine and luxurious venues all mix harmoniously with top yoga teachers. From beachside… Continue reading European Yoga Retreats for this holiday